We are Nordish/Northern European, Armenid, Turanid, Indic/Nordindid, Dravidic, Australian-Tasmanian, Northeast Asian/Northern Mogoloid, Southeast Asian/Southern Mongoloid, Micronesian/Polynesian, Ainuid, Tungid, Amerindian, Sanid, Central Congoid, Bambutid, Aethiopid, Mediterranid, Dinaric, Alpine, Ladogan, Irano/Afghan, Veddoid.

What does all this mean?
The Georgia Metal Alliance® Int'l Heavy Metal Club (H.M.C.) is universal and open to any and all racial classifications and human cultures. We may, as individuals, have differences in cultural traditions or religions, but we all have one unifying, solid bond between us all...Metal and it's sub-culture/life style. We represent human unity through the metal underground. We will eventually establish a chapter in every corner of the globe. We will plant our flag/raise our banner and kick-start the metal scene in your country. In time, you will see G.M.A. members wearing their colors in multifarious numbers marching through your streets, attending your local shows, managing your bands, producing your music, running metal venues, playing in your bands, living next door to you, marrying your daughters and sons.

Whether you are Pantheist, Asatru, Atheist, Catholic, Christian Fundamentalist, Protestant, Satanist (theistic/non-theistic-Laveyan), Wiccan, Neo-Pagan, Judaica, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jainist, Baha'i Faith, Confucianist, Taoist, Druidic, Lukumi, Macumba, Native American Shamanism, is irrelevant. Whether or not you're Heterosexual, Homosexual, Non-Sexual, makes no difference. We aren't concerned with your political or religious views, as long as they don't present a detriment to humanity in any way or are in any way, Anti-American.

No drama/hate mongering or controversy!

Remember that once you wear your G.M.A. colors, there may be brothers/sisters in the club who may worship something you don't or visa-versa. Which means that there will be absolutely no proselytizing your religion or politics from within a G.M.A. context. (what you do on your own time when you remove your colors is your business and YOUR responsibility! You MUST respect your brothers/sisters at all times.) All of us have our views, just don't push them on anyone while under the G.M.A. flag/behind the G.M.A. patch.

It's all about the metal and nothing more. If this is something you can get behind and have a strong desire to wear the G.M.A. colors, then contact your local chapter's President. If there's no chapter in your state/country and you feel you possess the leadership qualities and organizational skills to establish a chapter in your area, then contact me, Nik Bloodstorm with your inquiry and we'll take it from there.

This is our manifesto.

"In union we stand as they blaze across the land. In union we make our final stand" - Overkill

In Metal,
Nik Bloodstorm
Georgia Metal Alliance International (H.M.C.)
Int'l President/Founder