We are the Georgia Metal Allianceā„¢ International H.M.C. (Heavy Metal Club), the H.M.C. that put Heavy Metal Clubs in the United States on the world map.

Established in 2007 and since our inception, we've inspired the birth of all other heavy metal clubs in the U.S. on one level or another. This is not a boast, just a fact! We were also the very first legitimate H.M.C. (legitimate in that we abide by the true spirit of all heavy metal clubs that came before us in Europe, which is loyalty, support & camaraderie with all other heavy metal clubs) to go international.

We may have our detractors who out of envy & petty jealousy feel the need to gossip & grind a rumor mill, (if you belong to a group / gang that claims to be a heavy metal club that bad mouths other legit H.M.C.'s and have a gang mentality, we suggest you rethink the reason why you're even a part of such a counterproductive group) and to them we say "The rivalry exists in your minds, you DON'T EXIST in ours". We tirelessly support all the metal communities in all our respective chapters throughout the world.

We do NOT serve the metal scene, we are a huge part of it! If you support us, we reciprocate, quid pro quo. Our patches don't prove that we are Metalheads, we've been Headbangers & heavy metal lifestylers long before the Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l H.M.C. was ever established. Our patches / colors / kuttes / kutts battle jackets simply show the world that we are dedicated soldiers in heavy metal's biggest & most recognized Heavy Metal Club (army)! When you support / join the Georgia Metal Alliance Int'l Heavy Metal Club, you're supporting the heavy metal community, world wide!