The Georgia Metal Alliance International H.M.C. [Heavy Metal Club], established in the shadows of dusk in the infamous Dawson Forest; located in the black Appalachian foot hills of the North Georgia Mountains on a cool Autumn evening in September, 2007, is a unifying collective in the world-wide heavy metal community.

The G.M.A. Int'l H.M.C. is a consortium of heavy metal life stylers/musicians and other legitimate H.M.C.'s. around the world. Our mission is to promote and bring unity, camaraderie, promotion and strength to the Heavy Metal Underground scene/subculture, wherever we plant our red, white & black battle-standard and support local metal & rock in our respective chapters, globally.

H.M.C.'s are the last true bastion of headbanger camaraderie and brotherhood/sisterhood left over from the early days when we were kids, hanging out in the streets and going to concerts with our friends back in the day. Many of us in the G.M.A. today are those very kids, first-wave metalheads from the late '70s & the early '80s who still wear our battle jackets/kuttes with pride and honor and carry the Heavy Metal banner as high and proud as we did in our youth, along with newer generations of metalheads who carry on the lifestyle and keep the night fires burning high & bright!

We're musicians and fans alike who all grew up living in our respective heavy metal scenes and have all paid our dues and earned the right to wear our club colors.

We were all metalheads long before we wore the patch and we all stand proud behind it as metalheads now, in unity 'til death!

If it's not in your heart, don't wear it on your back!

In Metal Eternal,
Nik "Werewolf" Bloodstörm
Int'l President/Founder

Loyalty, Honor, Pride & Brotherhood!

There are no hidden agendas and secret handshakes and no cliques within the organization. It's not a power struggle nor is it all about who you know or who's ass you kiss. We don't care how "brutal" you look or any other bullshit superficiality. Earn our respect and you will gain an international family. You will receive exactly what you put in. The success of a G.M.A. chapter depends on it's president, officers, council and soldiers. Your hard work will always be appreciated and celebrated. We are an international club with active members in chapters all over the United States, Canada, Central & South America, Cuba, and several countries in Europe. We were the world's first legitimate international H.M.C. (Heavy Metal Club). We were founded in September 2007 and since then, have been often imitated (but never duplicated) by other upstart so-called H.M.C.'s. We ONLY respect legitimate heavy metal clubs that abide by the universal law of all heavy metal clubs around the world, which states in a nutshell that we DO NOT HAVE A GANG MENTALITY, DO NOT TRY TO INTIMIDATE ANYONE, ARE NOT TERRITORIAL AND WE ACCEPT ALL OTHER HEAVY METAL CLUBS AS OUR BROTHERS-IN-ARMS AND WEAR OTHER CLUB'S SUPPORT PATCHES ON OUR CLUB KUTTES WITH PRIDE.

Be aware that there are a small handful of poseur, wannabe gangs in the U.S. that claim to be an H.M.C. but are NOT and they give real H.M.C.'s a bad name! Do the research before deciding to join a Heavy Metal Club.

For all those who want to support what we do, we thank and encourage you to do so by buying our support t-shirts and patches, by flying our support banners on all your social network profiles, by attending all our events and by spreading the G.M.A. gospel of metal wherever you go!

*For those who actually want to wear our colors and be officially brought in as an officially patched-in member, there is a process one must follow. No getting jumped-in, no crimes to commit, nothing nefarious. The only thing we ask of potential soldiers (entry level members) in the G.M.A. is time, nothing more. Time for the rest of us to determine if you have the same mentality and desire to propagate the Heavy Metal life style like the rest of us and not flake out on us down the road. Time to determine if you are of the right caliber of individual who can wear our colors and dedicate themselves to the club without giving us a bad name. It's NOT elitism (although, H.M.C.'s are among the elite of the world-wide heavy metal community), it's to determine if you are joining for the right reasons. Do you have the mettle?

We support bands within the following genres & subgenres:
Traditional Metal, Classic Speed Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, Doom / Stoner Metal, Hard Rock, First-Wave Punk & Hardcore, etc.

Joining us has it's advantages. From band promotions, to making the right contacts in the heavy metal music industry and community, to simply enjoying the camaraderie of like minded individuals world-wide who you can call a true brother or sister and to know that wherever you go in this world, you will have a place to lay your head and a family to break bread with. Once a prospect has been approved for membership, they will receive their member chest patch which must be worn on a black leather vest or denim jacket and nothing else!

*Once you've been approved for membership, you are asked to make a small, one time donation to cover patch expenses, etc. Any money that's ever collected goes directly into the club fund for various club activities, events, merchandise, etc. As a member, you are expected to purchase your back patch, name & rank patch and any other G.M.A. related patches.

*If a member leaves the G.M.A. for any reason, they MUST return the G.M.A. patches back to the club.

We have basic rules that members must follow and uphold in order to wear and keep our colors. (THESE ARE NOT THE FULL CLUB BY-LAWS:

The Law of 7:

1. No bigotry of any kind, be it RACIAL, RELIGIOUS, CULTURAL OR SEXUAL.
*This isn't about censorship, it's all about respecting your brothers/sisters Racial & cultural background, sexual & religious preferences (or lack there of) who wear the patch! We have members of all religion, races & cultures.

2. No gang mentality.
3. No illegal activities whatsoever.
4. No illegal drug use.
5. Inactivity and indifference towards the club will result in your dismissal and depatching without warning!
6. No wearing of club colors while riding a motorcycle. We don't misrepresent ourselves as a motorcycle club.
7. Abide by the club by-laws at all times!